First rough draft of history

Although there are many ways to be a reporter — you can be a print or radio journalist, or a podcaster; you can cover breaking news or provide context and background later, you can write briefs or go long-form — it’s possible that Jen Maxfield is the iconic kind.

She’s the one standing next to the victim or the victim’s spouse or parent or child, or the next-door neighbor, or the Nobel prize winner who’s just gotten the middle-of-the-night call from Sweden, or the subway rider who was next to the terrorist, or the would-be diner who was put off by the giant rats feasting on pizza.

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Jewish Book Council “Meet the Author”

This speech was delivered at the Jewish Book Council “Meet the Author” event on May 25, 2022: As a TV news reporter at NBC in New York, I meet people on the best and worst days of their lives. I ring their doorbells, sit in their living

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